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Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

It’s scary how time flies. Only yesterday it seemed as though everyone was gearing up for Halloween and now Thanksgiving has passed. That means one thing and one thing only, winter is well on its way. To prepare for the impending cold season, it’s best to make sure your home’s heating system is prepared for the harsh season ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get your furnace ready for the winter season…

Change Air Filters

It’s likely you have air filters behind a vent grill in your wall or ceiling, or perhaps a single filter in the HVAC system itself. Either way, it’s important to change those filters every few months at the most. Regularly cleaning and replacing filters helps keep particles out of the HVAC system that in turn helps prolong its life. If your HVAC includes a humidifier, it’s not a bad idea to change the filter for the humidifier too.

Clean and Lubricate the Blower Motor

Before doing anything, check the owner’s manual to check if the motor of your furnace requires lubricating. If it does, turn off the power, open the cover, and clean the caps covering the bearings. Once you do that, remove the caps and lubricate the bearings. Simple as that!

Cover the AC Condenser

Disregard this advice if your HVAC is a heat pump. If it’s not, it’s important to cover the condenser in order to protect it from any possible falling debris or icicles. You can opt to cover the fan with a board, or even a trash can lid secured with bungee cords. Just be sure to not then wrap your covering in a moisture-trapping plastic tarp.

These are a few of the things you can do for your home furnace before the cold weather really settles in. If you notice any problems with your heating system or would just rather have a professional get your system up and running, call us at (508) 388-6007.You can also fill out our online contact form!