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Whether your heater has gone out in the middle of the winter or you wake up in the middle of the night to find your toilet flooded, our Master Tech Plumbing Inc. team is here to help. We offer emergency plumbing services in Falmouth, so you can immediately get the help you need.

Are you dealing with a heating or plumbing issue? You can trust our technicians to address and correct your problem in a fast and timely manner. For emergency heating or plumbing service in Bourne, Mashpee and Sandwich, contact Master Tech Plumbing Inc. today at (508) 388-6007 or contact us online to get started!

When Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

No one wants to experience a plumbing emergency. But, how do you know when you are experiencing a plumbing emergency or if it's just something normal that your plumbing system is experiencing? At Master Tech Plumbing, we will show you three signs to look for to know when you may be having a plumbing emergency!

  • Sagging Ceiling - If you notice that your ceiling is sagging, this is a serious issue and can lead to the potential of a total collapse. It's best not to wait, as a sagging ceiling can become even messier and more expensive. Make sure to contact our Falmouth emergency plumbers as soon as you notice this.
  • Low Water Pressure - Have you been taking a shower and noticed that it takes a very long time for you to wash off the soap? This could be due to one of your water pressure regulating valves malfunctioning or many other issues. Give us a call today to come and check out the problem.
  • Water Stains - Water stains are a good indicator of a leak for a while. If your ceiling or wall has been soaking up that amount of water for that time, there has been some water damage.

Handling Your Bathroom or Kitchen Flood Emergency

A flood is considered a plumbing emergency because time is of the essence when repairing the problem. Long-term flood damage can result from an overflowing sink or toilet. Moisture lurks in the walls and floors of a formerly flooded space, often leading to disease-causing mildew and mold.

If you find the toilet overflowing, turn the water supply off to your house immediately. Then call our team to get quick help before the flood can cause permanent damage. We will repair the problem, so it is less likely to happen again.

The Most Common Areas That Flood in a Home

Common areas that flood include:

    Our emergency services are covered under our two-year labor and parts warranty. We offer this warranty so you can trust that we are devoted to your safety and satisfaction.

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    Since New England winters can get dangerously cold, contact our team as soon as you suspect a problem with your heater. We can get it back in working order so you can be comfortable indoors.

    Contact Master Tech Plumbing Inc. today for emergency heating and plumbing services in Falmouth!

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