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How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Inspected?

Furnace maintenance may be something that hasn’t been added to your to-do list, simply because you have not given it much thought. However, a furnace inspection can go a long way to ensure that you are ready for the cold winter months. Before the colder temperatures emerge, your furnace should be in tip-top shape to provide you with adequate heat to keep you and your family warm. A furnace inspection would ensure that you have maximum heat output to the home, you save on energy and eliminate the risk of toxic emissions. If you are wondering how often you should have your furnace inspected, keep reading to find out.

When to Get a Furnace Inspection?

The rule of thumb is that a furnace inspection should be conducted at least once a year because your furnace is a device that requires preventative maintenance. A furnace inspection is best done before its first use of the winter season, when the temperature starts to decrease outside. An inspection earlier in the year, during the summer, for example, leaves the furnace in a position to generate new problems that may go unnoticed until it is turned on again during the winter. You want to ensure that your furnace is fully operational for the winter when you need it the most.

Benefits of a Furnace Inspection

Proper maintenance of your furnace has several benefits:

  • A furnace inspection is essential for effective functionality of the furnace, helping it to operate at optimal performance. An inspection diminished the need for expensive repairs, and in the process, improves energy efficiency. It further extends the longevity of the heating equipment and ensures the heater is operating efficiently. You wouldn’t want your furnace to suddenly stop working in the middle of winter, especially if it’s your primary source of heat.
  • You want to ensure that your furnace is running safely to prevent any health hazards. An inspection will reveal any issues that your furnace may have that could lead to health problems. It can reveal carbon monoxide leaks, which aren’t easily detected. If undetected carbon monoxide poisoning could occur, which can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and even death.
  • With a furnace inspection, you save money on energy costs. A professional can spot problems like, air duct leaks, intake blockages, mechanical failings and electronic failings, all of which could be addressed and improve energy efficiency.

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