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How To Keep Pipes From Freezing

With winter approaching quickly, now is the best time to protect your pipes from freezing. While this may not have happened to you yet, the damage can be detrimental to your home and cause you unnecessary stress.

When the weather gets cold, the pipes in your home may freeze or burst, wracking up hundreds of dollars worth of damage in your home. Some pipes are more likely to freeze than others, which usually depends on location. The pipes in areas of your home that are unheated or even pipes that are outside are the most likely places you will see a freeze.

Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

  1. Disconnect, and drain your garden hose. A frozen hose can expand and ultimately burst, causing a backup in your home’s plumbing. Once you have the hose disconnected, be sure to frost-proof the spigot and drain it as well. Once you have the spigot drained, consider investing in a drain insulator. While these insulators are fairly cheap, the benefit to you, in the long run, is immeasurable.
  2. For your exposed pipes, wrap them in insulation to keep the cold out and water flowing. The insulation is also fairly inexpensive. If you live in a more extreme climate, you may want to look into heat tape. This tape will heat your pipes if the temperature drops below a certain number, ensuring that you won’t become frozen as well.
  3. A costly measure is to have walls opened and pipes insulated correctly. This, of course, will run your money, especially since you will need to put the room back together afterward.
  4. If you aren’t home for the winters and look for a warmer climate, be sure to keep your thermostat set at no less than 55 degrees. Shut off the main water supply and drain faucets, just to be sure your pipes are secure.

Invest In Preventative Plumbing Maintenance 

If you are wondering about your pipes and want to take preventative measures to keep your home warm this winter, call us! Master Tech Plumbing Inc. is here to help. With our plumbing and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your system will run smoothly. We also provide 24/7 emergency services, in case your pipes do freeze and you need thawing. Give our team a call today to find out how we can help you!