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Benefits of Yearly AC Inspections

With spring in the air, a lot of homeowners in the Falmouth, MA area are gearing up for their annual air conditioner inspection and air conditioner maintenance visit. Just like your car or truck, it is crucial to get inspections from time to time for your air conditioning unit to ensure there are no underlying problems and increase the life of your unit.

Below we can see some of the benefits of scheduling annual preventative maintenance for your air conditioning unit:

More Efficient Energy Use

With regular maintenance, you can get better energy efficiency from your air conditioner. Techs will go in and clean the cooling coils, blades, and any other components that may need it. Once everything is cleaned the system will run a lot smoother, allowing it to use less energy to cool rooms around the house. This will also save you a considerable amount on energy bills as an added plus!

Longer Equipment Life

If you do not take proper care of an AC unit (like a lot of things in life) it can die well before the manufacturers estimated life cycle. With no preventative maintenance you’ll end up replacing the entire unit when many more years could have been squeezed out of the unit. With regular AC preventative maintenance from Master Tech Plumbing Inc, we can ensure your air conditioning unit will live a long and useful life.

Improved Air Quality

Every season without regular maintenance for your AC Unit will allow dust and debris particles to build up. If the unit is dirty, it can release these nasty particles into rooms around your home. Nobody wants to breathe in these nasty particles, so it’s best to get a check up annual to look for buildup.

Fewer Major Repairs

Without proper preventative maintenance, an AC unit can be prone to major repairs that would have otherwise been unnecessary. These can turn into emergency repairs, costing even more and leaving you without any air conditioning at all for a period of time and nobody wants to be stuck in the blistering heat of Falmouth in the middle of August.

Our techs are trained to do a complete inspection of the unit looking for old or damaged parts and Master Tech Plumbing will let you know exactly what needs to be replaced.

Master Tech Plumbing Inc. has been providing expert air conditioning preventative maintenance and repair services for years to Falmouth, MA and surrounding towns. We’ve taken care of everything from major repairs to minor adjustments and everything in between for residents across the Cape. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with us today or give us a buzz at (508) 388-6007.