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3 Plumbing Tips for Fall

While it’s certainly hard to say farewell to summer, at least fall provides a lovely reprieve before the long winter months settle in. While fall may not be the longest season, it certainly gives you enough time to take care of some tasks that’ll have you sitting pretty come winter time. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do around your home for your plumbing this fall.

1.) Check Outdoor Faucets

Take a lap around the exterior of your home and make sure none of the outside faucets are dripping or leaking. If you notice anything concerning, either make the necessary repairs yourself or contact us at Master Tech before winter settles in. No one wants to deal with frozen pipes of any kind in the winter. When pipes freeze, water pressure builds which can crack a pipe regardless of whether it’s made of plastic, copper, or steel. Even a small crack can let loose enough water to wreak some serious havoc.

2.) Flush Your Water Heater

In the winter your water heater works much harder, so be sure to flush it out and remove any sediment build up. Sediment build up can cause corrosion, shorten the heater’s life span, and reduce overall heating efficiency. Drain several gallons from the faucet near the bottom of the tank, connect a hose to the faucet, and direct the water into a nearby drain. For further specifics concerning the make and model of your water heater, take a look at your manufacturer’s website.

3.) Test Water Pressure Relief Valve

Be careful here, as the water is very hot. To begin, gently lift up on the lever and let it snap back. This should allow a burst of hot water to flow into the drainpipe. If the latter doesn’t happen, it’s time to call the professionals to have a new valve installed. Keep in mind that if your water heater is over 5 years old, you could potentially cause a leak by testing an older valve that may have potentially corroded. If your tank is of a certain age, you should consult one of the plumbing professionals here at Master Tech.

These are just 3 of the things you can do this fall to help ready your system for winter’s brutal grasp. If you dive in and encounter a bigger problem than you were expecting, don’t hesitate to call us at (508) 388-6007. We’ll remedy your problem fast and have everything back to working in harmony before you know it.