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3 Spring Plumbing Tips

The spring season is officially here, folks! While the weather still has a lot of catching up to do, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re the closest we’ve been to consistently nice weather for some time now. So, don’t forget to extend your spring cleaning efforts to your plumbing system too. Check out a few of the things you can tend to in order to ensure your plumbing system is good to go for the warm months ahead, read on!

Implement A Sump Pump Test

Get a bucket and pour three to four buckets of water into your sump pump. Once done, observe how it reacts.

  • If your pump promptly turns on, quickly discharges the water, and then shuts back off, it’s working as it should be.
  • If there is a delay in the pump switching on or if it does not discharge the water, you likely have a problem on your hands.

If you encounter an issue like this, trust the professionals at Master Tech to solve your problem.

Perform The Food Coloring Toilet Leak Test

There are plenty of homeowners who have no idea how to go about testing their toilet for leaks, but it’s actually not hard at all.

  • For starters, grab some brightly colored food coloring and bring it to your bathroom.
  • Take the lid off the tank and flush your toilet.
  • Wait for the tank to refill once the flapper drops completely and then add several drops of food coloring to the toilet tank.
  • Once you’ve added the drops, go do something else for about 30 minutes and then return to the bathroom. If some of the food coloring has made its way to the toilet bowl, you have a slight leak on your hands.

Install A Sewer Backflow Valve To Prevent Back-Ups

If you often experience sewer back-ups in your home, keep the problem from happening by installing a backflow valve. Once installed in the floor drain, it should help prevent any sewer back-ups you experience at home.

How Master Tech Plumbing Inc. Can Help You

These are a few things you can do this spring season to ensure your plumbing system is in fine working order. If you run into any problems that give you pause, please contact our expert team here at Master Tech. You can reach us at (508) 388-6007 or by filling out an online contact form!