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Preparing Your Plumbing for the Cold This Fall

As the summer comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the upcoming Fall. Although, those who focus solely on celebrating will find themselves unprepared and often left facing the numerous plumbing troubles associated with extreme cold, especially those living through the frigid New England Winters. Individuals who think ahead can prepare for this increase in brisk weather, lowering the cause for concern as well as the likelihood that ice or related damage will arise.

Plumbing preparations

A variety of plumbing preparations can be carried out in numerous locations throughout a property such as a basement and a garage. So before you pick up the pumpkin spice latte or apple cider, take a few steps to prepare your plumbing for the cold this Fall.

Basement plumbing

As the temperature drops, its smart to drop by your basement in order to complete plumbing preparations for the Fall such as:

Check and clean the water heater:

During the winter months, your water heater works harder. This is why it is important to flush it out in order to remove the sediment buildup that can cause corrosion and shorten the lifespan of the unit while at the same time reducing heating efficiency. If you need help with this process, check your water heater manufacture’s website for instruction concerning your specific make and model.

Make sure the sump pump is clean and functional:

Prolonged periods of rain can cause sump pumps to work overtime. It is important to make sure that you inspect and clean your sump pump and pit. Pumps can be prevented from operating if they are exposed to extreme cold and frozen.

Garage plumbing

For uninsulated places throughout houses, such as a garage, it is important to consider how the cold weather will have a negative impact on plumbing unless precautions are taken like:

Checking for leaks:

Water can accumulate through leaky spots caused by the flow of gutter water. This water can become frozen in the winter causing it to expand which often leads to damage or even worse, a very dangerous slipping hazard within your property.

Insulating exposed piping:

Contrary to popular belief, piping within a garage, crawlspace, under your porch or any other enclosed area is just as vulnerable to freezing as outer pipes. Avoid lots of trouble for your water and plumbing by insulating exposed piping in a way that ensures it will not freeze and ultimately burst.