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What's Causing My Clogged Drains?

Like clockwork, everyone runs into a clogged drain in their home at some point or another. Sometimes you can fix it yourself easily but you may notice the clogged drain re-occurs more and more frequently over time. But what’s causing the clog in the first place? Below we’ll take a look at the reasons some of your drains around the house are getting clogged.


The most common cause of a clogged toilet it when something goes in it that should not be flushed. Some things that people tend to flush that should absolutely not be flushed are, wet wipes, cotton balls, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, etc. Most of the time a clogged toilet can be taken care of with a plunger, but it continuously happens it could mean a larger issue with the plumbing in your home.

Shower & Tub Drains

The drain in your tub or shower can become clogged from various different objects and materials. Mostly you see tub and shower drains clogged from hair, soap scum and dirt, as well as any other things that may fall in there. In order to prevent this there are a few options you can do right at home. The first would be to make sure you have a drain stopper properly installed and regularly cleaned out. If you do encounter a clogged shower or tub drain, you can try to clear it but removing the elbow joint and clearing it out. If you are not so handy it’s probably a good idea to contact a plumbing professional.


One of the most common clogged drains most homeowners encounter is a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink. The main culprit causing clogged drains in sinks is cooking grease and oil, or in the bathroom, hair and other bodily objects such as nail clippings. The easiest fix for these is to pour hot water in the affected drain with a little bit of dish soap, follow with more hot water and then finally hit it with a sink plunger.

To prevent this do your best not to put oil or grease down the drain, instead put them in old mason jars or glass containers and throw them away in the garbage. If your kitchen or bathroom sink still continuously clogs, you may need to call a professional plumber to take a look for you and get to the root of the problem.

Clogged Sewage Line

If you have an older home (all too common in Falmouth) outdated sewage lines can often be clogged by tree roots. If you hear a lot of unusual gurgling noises from your toilet that is one of the main indicators of a clogged sewage line. This problem is one of the more serious plumbing issues that home owners run into as your entire sewer line can be blocked.

In older homes, the sewer line is often clogged by tree roots. One of the main indicators is gurgling sounds coming from the toilet bowl. If the problem isn’t fixed immediately, your entire sewer line will be blocked. This issue is best dealt with by a plumbing professional.

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