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Clogged Drains?

You can usually tell when a clogged drain is happening. You will see the water in your shower or sink draining ever so slowly, and as time passes the clog gets worse and worse, until you must call a plumber.

You shouldn’t be dismayed about the clog; this is a perfectly normal thing that happens in households. However, keep in mind that you should only try a few times to get the water flowing before calling in a professional. Exerting too much force can harm your pipes!

Some quick tips to try at home before you call in the professional are:

You will need a plunger and a plumbing snake- these are sold at any hardware store! A plunger is a great tool to keep in your home as it can take care of issues with your sinks, shower and bathrooms.

For a sink, fill the area partially with water, and then position the plunger over the top of the sink’s opening and work it up and down with good force. If there are other openings to the sink, be sure to cover them. This will help deliver force to the clog and not expel pressure.

If this doesn’t help, perhaps the clog is further down your drain, and you will need to work under the sink. Unscrew your PVC pipe and make sure the trap isn’t clogged. This is where your snake comes in handy. Snake the coil down the pipe until you feel pressure. Pull back and forward until you break through the clog. Next, add hot water to check the drain. Hot water is also useful in this process, as it can help break down a clog.

If the snake does nothing, you may need an electrical snake that you can rent from your local hardware stores. Be careful before using it, and have the rental agent show you how to use it!
Of course, if none of this works, call us! We can help unclog your drain quickly and efficiently.