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Falmouth HVAC & Ductless Splits

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Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system ("HVAC") maintains a comfortable temperature inside your home. The HVAC system packages both heating and cooling into one centralized location. Our Falmouth HVAC repair team at Master Tech Plumbing Inc. services every element of the HVAC unit. We also repair ductless split systems.

For new installations and routine repairs, contact our Falmouth HVAC repair and ductless split experts at (508) 388-6007.

Energy Efficient Home Cooling with Ductless Splits

A ductless split system provides homeowners with an opportunity to save on heating and cooling costs. The ductless HVAC system allows customized zoning throughout a home, meaning that you only heat or cool the rooms you are using.

A ductless system, as the name suggests, does not use a system of ducts to pump air through your home. Instead, a separate unit is installed in each room. Each unit uses a compressor to pull air from the outdoors, heat or cool off the air, and distribute the temperature-controlled air indoors.

HVAC Repairs for Every Home

Whether you have a ductless split or a traditional HVAC unit, many things can go wrong over the lifespan of your heater and air conditioner. Annual maintenance reduces the need for repeat service visits, though an older HVAC system (around 10-15 years) will need repeat servicing as it gets toward the end of its life.

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace an older unit. Many times, we simply need to make a few adjustments to get your HVAC back in working order.

Reach out to our team if you notice:

  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home
  • Loud banging noises coming from your HVAC
  • Ductless system humming even though no air is coming out of the unit
  • Condensation pooling around the HVAC unit
  • Thermostat not responding or reading incorrect temperatures

Schedule a service call for your Falmouth HVAC system at (508) 388-6007. We also proudly service Barnstable County and Cape Cod.

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